Florachain Ecosystem Apps

This page is dedicated to showcasing the various applications built on Florachain. These apps may include decentralized applications (dApps) that utilize smart contracts on Florachain, as well as tools and services for developers and users. The page may also provide information on partnerships or collaborations with other companies or organizations that have developed apps on Florachain.

Trade cryptocurrencies securely and transparently with FloraSwap, the decentralized exchange built on Florachain.
Analytics for FloraSwap powered by subgraph.

Connect different blockchain networks seamlessly with Flora Bridge, the interoperability solution built on Florachain.
FloraScan is a tool for inspecting and analyzing Florachain mainnet.

Receive 0.01 FLORA everyday and pay for transaction fees, deploy contracts and build smart things.
Wrap and unwrap FLORA.

Proxy Flora for Bridge transaction.

Tool for FLORA staking.

Stake FLORA and FloraSwap LPs to earn FLORA coins.

Stake FYT and FYT related LPs to earn USDT.

Stake FLORA-USDT PancakeSwap LP to earn FLORA.

Yield farming protocol by YieldGem.