Flora Currency

FLORA - The native cryptocurrency fueling the Florachain ecosystem, enabling seamless transactions and incentivizing participation in the network. FLORA serves as the gas currency of Florachain, powering the decentralized applications and smart contracts that drive the platform's functionality.

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Florachain Configuration

Florachain uses Ethash as mining algorithm.

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FLORA Contract Address
BSC: 0x122D1a550Db9449eeC315298803371eA9384265e
wFLORA: 0x706277AC1e50a9772d2df80275C2eab9F588F4F7
sFLORA: 0x7DA62D39e65cf7b08c65EfC1f356dB7621E9e5Ee
  • Chain: Mainnet
  • Chain ID: 10500
  • Blocktime: ~10s
  • Coin name: Flora
  • Ticker: FLORA
  • Supply: 50,000,000

Circulating Supply